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International Soccer Clinics USA
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International Soccer Clinic USA

Camp Testimonials

“As a parent I’ve been impressed with ISC’s organization, motivation and knowledge of the sport.”
- Andrei Ivanko
Parent of Camper

“Warren Arde and his coaching staff bring the highest level of skill training, sportsmanship and safety to this program.  They have a passion that is contagious.”
- Cary Bergmann
Parent of Camper

“You know it is worth is…when you ask your kid how camp was and they say ‘AWESOME’!”
- Natalie Morykwas
Parent of Camper

"At first, I was nervous, but after meeting Coach Warren Arde, I felt better.  I played games, I learned chipping, dribbling and head diving.  I had lots of fun at camp!"
- James Harris

"I highly recommend anyone who has a desire to get better or learn the game of soccer to participate.”
- Cary Bergmann
Parent of Camper